Monday, July 18, 2016

Our Fresh Hip-Hop Video: "I Thought I Caught a Squirtle" Pokémon Go on YouTube - #JonJeremy

Dear Humanity,

The lines separating anime freaks, gamer geeks, and  you  has been blurred.
We are one, blame it on being united by a shared rookie? Hey Squirtle! 

FSAG Magazine Vocal Folks Pokemon Go Jon Jeremy

Did you too believe at first that you  caught the gateway creature; the one who ended up jipping you as a cute little beginning? Meet your descent into the apocalyptic zombie-esque  location based reality game Pokémon Go. Planet Earth is now a "Gotta catch'em all" sized ball. Once again proving that our world is in fact: not flat. Google the good, bad, and  head scratching facts that make you go WHOA! on your own.

A few days after the poké-virus spread,  my P.I.C. (partner in creativity) Jon Jeremy and I collaborated on a music video before the fad caused society to implode. The idea came from a 16 year old boy, active in catching Pokémon along side a group of mid 20-40year olds.  Quite a creepy way of expressing the term "we're all the same, but different". My partner mentioned catching a Squirtle to the wise (modern day mobile friendly) much younger boy. Thank you Mr. Youngster for your adamantly immediate "THAT'S YOUR STARTER POKEMON" response.

Three days later: Our new video was released. Videography, a childish voice, gloved hand are all credited to me. The rest? Written, Rapped, Vocals, and Editing credits go out to the lovely Jon Jeremy.

We researched the facts for "I thought I caught a Squirtle: Part 1" together... because we are the #MysteryTeam (taken proudly from awesome indie flick starring Donald Glover).

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after completing all of the following for the music video below:

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Peace & Love, 
Victoria Kirby 

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