Tuesday, July 12, 2016

You, Me, We, Revival of the FSAG and Tree

Life *sigh of relief": The last time Fashion, Style, and The Avant-Garde (psst: #FSAGMag) had been updated was almost 3 years ago.  Victoria Kirby was burnt out from Amber Sweet's overwhelming nature.  The demise of my false persona happened during New York Fashion Week SS2014. My soul began meeting myself while my various interests turned into fulfilling outlets. Up until recently however, I've managed to salvage my work, branch out, and live my passion without using a stolen name from  Repo!The Genetic Opera. Watch it! My first time? The Angelika Film Center  in New York City. 

Written & Composed: Terrance Zdunich & Darren Lynn

Could you be addicted to street Zydrate?
Paris Hilton - Amber Sweet  and Terrance Zdunich - Grave Robber

The loss of a relationship with the previous domain turned into a blessing. I finally had the chance to live, learn, love, and connect with everyone who had a part in re-creating FSAG Magazine: "The Artistic Muse with Poetic Views".  Thank you to everyone involved in my growing phase. Right here, right now, Fashion, Style, and The Avant-Garde is no longer about
 me. Me has become we. We are one. We are art. We are love. WE ARE OFFICIALLY REVIVED

We're in a socially mediated world so go find some of the art and music I'm involved with!

Peace & Love
(Formerly: Love & Peace)

Victoria Kirby
(Former Pen Name: Amber Sweet)

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