Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Shady Dealin Embellished Sunnies

Snail mail besides a bill for a change? YES! Aqua blue cat eye sunnies with sparkling pink bow embellishments by Shady Dealin. Naturally, I proceeded to rip the box apart like an untamed beast upon arrival. The unveiling obviously called for an emergency Instagram moment. 

Did I mention it was raining? What a bummer!

The next day was a beach day. I was aware that my new Shady Dealin sunnies are dangerously cute, but you should have heard all of the positive feedback they recieved. So, I felt like a cool kid and refused to take my shades off for over 10 hours. 

The high level of construction and material quality is impressive. The bows do not feel or look like they would fall off, but it is hard not to carry that "you never know" mentality. I always break sunglasses of all price ranges. Let me inform you,  this is going to be a durable  and loving relationship.

About Shady Dealin

Megan Milliken (aka Shady Mae) has been crafty her whole life.  Combining her passion for crafting with her love of all things cute and sparkly, Megan created Shady Dealin, a line of hand embellished sunglasses.  Starting with cute cat eye, heart shaped, and wayfarer style frames in bold colors, Shady Dealin sunnies get the royal treatment with bows, cameos, roses, rhinestones, cup chain, and of course glitter!  Visit to find your favorite pair.

Peace and Love, 
Victoria Kirby (Amber Sweet)

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