Friday, May 31, 2013

Keggy Pritsker: Retro Vintage and Sophistication

Keggy Pritsker New York Fashion Week
Keggy Pritsker -NYFW Fall 2013
Summer may have unofficially arrived, but it’s never too early for investing in cute Fall 2013 jackets brought to life by the Jackie O infused type of vintage inspired designers at Keggy Pritsker. If you’re not quite ready for embracing outerwear, there are always custom hardware fashioned leather belts and Keggy Jewelry (launched in 2011 upon request) to enhance your warm weather wardrobe. NEWSFLASH! Keggy belts are famous for artistically motivated bauble like buckles, calling the attention of A-list celebs and Grammy swag bags. The precious coats are adorned with custom buttons, dual tone lapels, and dearly sweet peplums. I personally love the fact that Keggy Pritsker coats indulge us gals with crisp cuts that are  far from boxy. Talk about a genuine compilation of romance, class, and a modern day twist on the past graciously exuding female confidence. If jewelry interests you, my suggestion is to check out Keggy signature enamel based inset jewel-toned stone rings. 

Featured in:
Us’s Buzzometer,  Life & Style, Ok!, WWD, and 
Lustre Magazine, and Lucky Magazine

The feminine brand is run by a highly experienced  designer duo comprised of Ella Pritsker and Kerry “Keggy” Leikus. Blend their names together for fun and flirtatious vibe with a cannonball splash of sophistication thrown into the mix.

 Kerry Leikus states:
 "I met Ella, the director of the Maryland School of Couture Arts ( in 2011 during Fashion Night Out Baltimore.  Ella has 20 years of experience designing full custom wardrobe for her private clientele. I had been producing accessories and outerwear for retail outlets such as Garnet Hill and QVC.  Yet, our designs were remarkably similar and our complimentary skills were a perfect match for one another.  We decided to join creative forces and the vision for Keggy Pritsker was born."
Keggy Pritsker Featured on QVC
Voilà! These ladies are on top, which is why they have settled into the New York Fashion Week runway life and caught my (as if it's my way or the highway?) undivided attention with such ease. Just another treasured treat from SBFW 2013! 

This will not be my last update for this talented design team. I have my eye on you ladies. Hey readers! While you're waiting, check out their website and blog updates to enlighten yourself on their never ending adventures in the world of fashion design.

Official Website:

Keggy Style on Facebook

*Editor's note: I just wanted to provide clarification for my readers that The Keggy brand (by Kerry Leikus) creates and sells the belts and jewelry. Keggy Pritsker (by Ella Pritsker and Kerry Leikus) is where the latest line of coats come in. 

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet 

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