Friday, February 8, 2013

Report: Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Day 2

The FW2013 runway show for Nicole Miller ended, but the excitement for what is to come when Fall 2013 hits will live on. On a little side note,  I was most enthused after viewing the collections of Rebecca Minkoff (Shoulder bags, right on!) and Concept Korea earlier today, but have not had time to make clips yet. Concept Korea gave viewers a taste of eastern meets western culture (the most comfortable looking collection ever witnessed).

I fell in love like wildfire however and when the proper time is found I'll write a really killer blog post featuring the collections from both designers. 

Nicole Miller's FW2013 collection shows variety. Wearable cool is always in style. I'm all for the the form fitting shapes, pencil skirts,  and impressive colorful prints that are far from chaotic on the eyes.
Nicole Miller FW2013

I'm on an olive green kick. It has been one of my go to colors through all of my life's fashion phases. The growing idea that making an investment in leather pants seemed smart enough after we saw leather pieces hit the runway during NYFW Spring 2013. I guarantee that all of my leather talk will be beneficial to readers. It's been all over the runway these past few days. Our key player is the leather department on Day 2? Parkchoonmoo. Look at that coat on the right hand side of the photo. The craze has only just begun... and then there is oxblood, but we'll save that for another post.

Parkchoonmoo FW2013
Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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