Friday, February 15, 2013

Small Boutique Fashion Week FW2013 Report

Another NYFW down! Small Boutique Fashion Week FW2013  at The Metropolitian Pavilion has come and gone once again. This event was proudly sponsored by none other than my nearest and dearest,  Elucid Magazine. The press area was packed with photographers. Delectable and photo worthy baked goods by Oh My Sweetness! were in the vendors corner. Also, the Red carpet was swarmed. It was like a melting pot of fashion's future. Just about 30 designers showcased their work. 

Every designer that presented did a fabulous job. All of them are a fine representation of what it takes to lead in such a competitive industry.  Now with that said, I'm going to talk about a few designers that brought me into a fashion frenzy at this 3 showcase event during New York Fashion Week. I was there for showcases 2 and 3! 

I love animal print! Perhaps that does not come as such a shock to my readers. While watching the collection by Jerri Reid hit the runway, I was in heaven. A strong attention to detail, drastic cuts, and an understanding of female fit pulled the artistry of Jerri Reid's work together. He's a young designer with a wise eye. Check out his Capsule Collection at
Aulio by Cesar Alcocer FW2013
Aulio by César Alcocer on Facebook --- Photo: Kenneth Kelly

Aulio by César Alcocer was all class. Celebrating the independent women, his featured ensembles were introduced in the form of a black collard business-like dress with a plunging neckline.  His use of optical black and white diamond print on delicately fabricated pant suit embraced the term "girl power". As for the little black dress, this designer created a luxuriously sophisticated a-line for the most upscale of events.  One of my favorite pieces from Aulio by César Alcocer came in the form of a long flowing subtly checked dress covered by a sheer fabric overlay.

Fashions by Vel-j-re' (Bunnie Benton's collection) included brilliant blue fur, a green velvet dress, and an  adorably flirty orange lined little  yellow coat that is sure to cure the rainy day blues. Her collection also shows some more laid back designs, comfortable and bold. Shop for designs by Bunnie Benton and Like Vel-j-re' at

Arianna Corsino New York The brides to be were the bells of the ball, modeling wedding dresses designed by  Arianna Corsino New York. Arianna Corsino is an Eco-friendly wedding dress and accessory designer.  Ultra white beautifully constructed wedding dresses were a show stopper. Capturing the attention of all. Arianna Corsino New York and use of sustainable  alternatives will be an integral part in changing standard  wedding wear industry. A little lacy wedding day accessory Crafted by Arianna Corsino was found in my VIP gift bag.

It's all about urban luxury. The models for Prestique Marque were looking hot in assorted leather designs (crop top and pants are a must see ),  high-slit skirts, sheer flowing fabric, and a one shoulder Kangaroo fur vest.  Unfortunately, Prestige Marque was not listed in the printed line up. Soon this Chicago based designer duo will launch their website at Save it for future reference.

Shout out to all of the fabulous unmentioned  designers and may you continue to showcase your talent for the world to see.
I have not forgotten about each and every one of you. Keep updated with my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram  for more photos and an exclusive look into Small Boutique Fashion Week FW2013. Including designs by (not limited to) Rene Hill Originals & Perfect Population. Links listed in the sidebar! Use the hashtag #SBFW2013  on Twitter and Instagram for imagery and behind the scenes footage. .

 Oh My Sweetness!, Tamora Lee Jewelry, and Whyte Jewels

Here's looking forward to another action packed 
Small Boutique Fashion Week  
 next NYFW. 

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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