Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Runway Report: Small Boutique Fashion Week

Photo Credits: Foxytronic
September 8th, 2012

Small Boutique Fashion Week was held in a glamorous all white event space at the Metropolitan Pavilion in New York City. The Runway was packed with Spring/Summer 2013 trends that have come to life during this New York Fashion Week. Media partners, Elucid Magazine and The Fashion Hub snapped shots as Fashions by Vel-J-Re' started off the day with Cobalt Blue, tulle, and fur. We saw micro-florals from Sophia O. Rubinstein. We also learned that "sheer is here" for Spring/Summer 2013. Just ask designer Monique Jovonnie as her line showcased what is in when the warm weather hits New York again. We know leather and lace have made a comeback , but metallics take center stage. Check out Khalaleo Designs! Head on over to the fun and funky Candy Rock Couture. Believe me when I state that their collection is a mixture of feminine edge you just can't copy. Hello leather and neons? yeah, Candy Rock Couture did that! One of my favorite designs of the first showcase was a vertically striped peplum dress by Whitney Lindsay

I was very exhausted due to just getting in from Atlantic City Fashion Week that same day. Thank you to 5 Hour Energy for providing me with a sample as soon as I entered the event. A second thank you should be lent out to Tosheka Textiles for listening to me ramble on about how much I love their eco-friendly hand-crafted bags made out of recycled materials.

and now a video provided by, Elucid Magzine:

Event Sponsors: G - Industries, The F.E.M Group, W Custom Cosmetics, Boutiika, Plomo, and City Model Talent

Small Boutique Fashion Week LLC. and it's sponsors did such an amazing job at producing these shows. The venue they picked with outstanding and spacious enough to hold the endless amounts of press and media. 

Did you see the Pix 11 news story just a few days before? Well, I could tell you the event was even better then the news said. 

Unfortunately, I could not stay for all three showcases, but hey! There's always a next season right?

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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