Tuesday, September 18, 2012

"Luxe-Recycling Revolution": BuyMyWardrobe

Recycling events geared towards designer fashion have generated quite a following in the United Kingdom. BuyMyWardrobe has very much established itself as a hotspot to purchase pre-loved (barely handled) designer items at a fraction of retail price.
" Pre-loved is the new buzz word in fashion circles right now. More and more people are moving away from throw away fashion in favour of pieces that are made to last. With giving you the option to "Buy it, Wear it, and Sell it" owning luxury becomes affordable."

-Kal di Paola, Managing Director
On August 30th 2012, launched online allowing business to go global. A community had been built across the web, which allowed for fashionistas to buy, sell , and network. Sellers are carefully selected for both BuyMyWardrobe live UK events and A hand picked method such as that created a very notable resource for interested buyers. 

Photo Credits: BuyMyWardrobe
Over 200 specially selected women have given thousands of shoppers the keys to their very stylish closets. Offline events held in upscale locations offer a VIP champagne hour and merchandise preview before the actual event takes place. 

The first BuyMyWardrobe boutique opened in London, England in April 2012. I'd love to go see it someday. I found out that besides being the BuyMyWardrobe home base,  it is a constantly revolving door of designer treasures.

BuyMyWardrobe also started holding #StyleNetworkChat on Twitter every Thursday from 3pm-4pm. The team behind will answer questions and happily chat about anything from advice and  trends to the latest in fashionable news. Just this past week I jumped in on a discussion about NYFW and #LiveRunway (watching fashion shows online). Check out the chat because it's a great way to network. Just remember to follow @BuyMyWardrobe

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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