Saturday, September 1, 2012

Fashion Trends: Falling into Autumn 2012

Today is the first day of September. Finally!  This morning I woke up early and very full of excitement for the month ahead. We're going to be falling into autumn 2012 soon. My favorite season is just about here. I know that autumn starts at the end of the month, but having New York Fashion Week a little before that gives the fashion lover in me a kick start into such a beautiful season. 

So, where are we going to fall trend wise?
Black and Blue Mixes
Cozy Sweaters
Deep Reds
Funky Prints
Unique Feminine Layers 
Rich Purple Tones
Statement Collars
Oversized Coat
Fall into Autumn 2012
The list could go on a bit more, but I'll save the rest for further posting. Remember not to wear every trend at once.  Use the trend list as a fun little guide.

"Make an impression by true self expression"

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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