Wednesday, July 18, 2012

The Good Fight to Wear White

Source:  Amber on Pinterest

When considering wearing white I'm sure that scuffed, damaged, or all around dirty pops into your head . Invest in a good stain stick and get over it. Wearing white isn't always the most simple choice. Summertime makes it much easier to include white items into your wardrobe. Well, now it is Summer and it's a killer time to pair those whites with your favorite pieces for an attractive bright look. 

While styling for a fashion show recently I came across a great design that was basically a women's   all white one piece strapless suit. Alone it would have been too much, but paired with gold and browns it became runway worthy. Immediately the outfit was belted and accessories were added to increase photo readiness.

Remember that white reflects light. You absolutely need to throw off some of that reflection before you "damage your eyes" or in some cases, appear larger. Darker colors tend to shrink the figure and brights can make the body grow visually.

I'm the proud owner of a beautiful white sundress. With this dress, my most recent shot at making it wearable was to pair it with a teal purse ( pictured) and similar sandal. That alone changed the pace of my outfit for the better. Onlookers weren't just focusing on my dress at that point, but rather the outfit as a whole. If they got a glare in their eyes then looking down at my shoes or accessories made the situation fixable.

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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