Friday, August 10, 2012

Lyndora Williams of Ekklesia Clothing

Interview with Lyndora Williams of Ekklesia Clothing.

1. What is the inspiration behind your creations? The inspiration behind my creation is for woman of all nationalities to come in unity with one another despite the different sizes and shapes.Ekklesia means church,assembly,or gathering with divine callings. 

2.What is your first memory of wanting to be a fashion designer? The first memory of wanting to become a fashion designer was when God spoke to me and told me that I will become a entrepreneur one day, he also told me that my business will prosper in so many ways.

3.What was your first self designed item? My first designed item was a purple maxi dress.

4.Could you label your personal style? Yes I can definitely label my personal style.

5. Do you wear your own artwork on a regular basis? Yes I wear my own artwork on a regular basis as well as wearing other fashion designers garments . I believe that it is very important to wear your own garments because the person behind the brand is their biggest promoter.

6.Has your brand ever worked with any charity organizations? future projects?Yes my brand have worked with a charity organization such as The American Diabetes Association.I started this charity because I want to be able to donate money from my clothing line to this charity so that individuals can gain knowledge at different expos and conventions on how to avoid becoming a diabetic.

7. Do your fashion designs aim to reach out to a particular genre or population? My fashion designs aims to reach out  from young adults to elders.( From age group 18 and up)

8.What is the start to finish process of a single design? The start to finish process of a single design is to first visualize my ideas, find the demographics , sketch my designs on sketch paper and purchase the materials for the garments.

9.How long does it take to construct a piece? To construct a piece it normally takes a week or two, depending on the design it can be completed in a shorter time.

10.What brought the idea of Ekklesia Clothing to life? The ideas that brought Ekklesia Clothing to life is so that woman can have confidence and respect for themselves. By looking sexy,classy,and elegant .

11. What are the future goals for your Ekklesia Clothing? The future goals for Ekklesia Clothing are to; Raise funds and support for charitable and entrepreneur causes. Employed individuals in my organization (Boutique) that cater to the needs of woman.Short term goal; To be featured in bet rip the runway in New York City.Long term goal: Expand distribution of the Ekklesia Clothing internationally.

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