Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Embrace Your Beauty and Discover Your Style

Contribution by Anya Sarre, Celebrity Stylist at

Beauty and fashion not only keep your outward appearance looking great, but can also help people feel uplifted and more self-confident. Begin a journey to self-confident living by revamping the summer wardrobe to include fashion items to help you feel fierce this summer season!

What to Expect From the Fashion World in Summer 2012

This year, fashionistas can expect a variety of fashions.
Women’s shoes will feature wedge heels to studded, embellished flats. Clothing fashions will be easy breezy, like one of my favorite looks, the maxi dress! These fashion designs are certain to be crowd-pleasers and confidence boosters. When people pass by a woman rocking these latest trends, they will be sure to turn heads! Summer is all about looking “thrown together” stylishly and these fashions will help you look cool, calm, and collected.

Women want to look nice while feeling comfortable and the cotton blends found in maxi dresses and blouses seem to accomplish both. When paired with vintage jewelry and comfortable wedges, a maxi dress ensemble can even venture into the early evening and leave the lady feeling confident and radiant. No matter what you’re body size and shape is, the maxi dress is a versatile fashion choice that looks great on any body. With so many colors and patterns available, any woman can find a dress that speaks to her style.
The wedged heel are especially fashionable and comfortable in the summertime. The styles work well with jeans, dresses, cropped pants and shorts. Whatever the style, a wedge can be found to match the ensemble.

How to Shop with Confidence

Bold fashions raise self-confidence levels and convey a fashionistas inner strength and beauty to everyone. Are you remembering to bring your confidence along with you every day? A simple wardrobe change can transform a person’s attitude from a shy and timid to an outgoing individual—so strut your stuff this summer! 

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