Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Blending Fashion Trends with Personal Style

Fashion trends and the idea of following them are a great way to incorporate yourself into society, but personal style enables you leave a mark that could last a lifetime. Trends are rarely timeless although they do come back for another round every so often.

Build an outfit that is uniquely fitting to you. Fads such as skinny jeans or the all to scary harem pants craze do not work on all body types and can ultimately lead you running head first into the fashion "faux pas" category. Investing in classic pieces can save on money, stress, and pride.

Clothing and accessory options that will never go out of style and keep you feeling fresh are as follows:

A good leather handbag (not suffocated by logos), LBD (Little Black Dress, A-line works best), silk/satin scarves, gold or silver jewelry, fitted blazers, clean white button-up shirts, a pearl necklace, diamond studded earrings, day dresses, sun dresses, well taken care of cashmere sweaters,  nude heels, solid colored pumps, and a trench coat.

Mix and match these classic pieces with something wild and care free to create  fashionable art that screams you. This is wear studs come in, colorful jewelry, neons, pastels, off-beat prints, a wild yellow leather jacket, head wraps, bright fuchsia lipstick. Now, the chance to incorporate your inner-self into your wardrobe starts with a little fearless self expression.

Blending Fashion Trends with Personal Style

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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