Monday, June 25, 2012

OASAP Owl Pendant Necklace / My Birthday

My birthday just passed and on that same day  I received an eye catching owl pendant necklace from OASAP in the mail. Immediately I put it on and continued to wear it for the next two days due to a decent amount of compliments. These owl necklaces come in antique copper or antique silver. I chose the copper and was pleased with my selection. The piece is versatile enough to be mixed with a variety of clothing options, giving your look a trendy twist without being too obvious. If you love owls, you will love this necklace.

These photos are from day 2. On day one I paired this necklace with a green,blue, and gold halter showing off material that flows. It was a hit and I'd consider wearing that look a second time around. If you're interested in street fashion this is a great, inexpensive piece to incorporate into  your wardrobe. I have a thing for long chains sporting awesome detailed pendants.
If you like this owl pendant necklace you can purchase it from

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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