Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Jamie Bentley Giveaway: Flo - Earrings for the Young at Heart.

 Jamie Bentley Giveaway: Flo - Earrings for the Young at Heart.

(Giveaway Rules at bottom of post)

Flowing summer tunics and mini dresses are always peeking out of their dark closets after a long winter’s hibernation, especially up in the great white north. Jamie Bentley is a jewellery brand that originates from Calgary, Alberta, Canada and is currently in transition from winter fashion to summer fashion.One of the newest pieces is geared towards girls or young women who are forever young at heart. Keeping true to the Jamie Bentley style as each jewellery having it's own name this one is aptly named Flo. 
Flo is a spunky young one who loves to be a girl, she relishes the joys of femininity and the sweet delicate pale pink is very subtle over the bubbly shaped cut-out flower that hangs loosely below. Every girl needs a little sass in her step so the cluster of five clear imitation diamonds at the top add are the final touch or the cherry on top of this summer sundae.
It's your chance to win a pair of these earrings for your summer wardrobe! 

Here is how you can enter the contest to win Flo, the feminine floral earrings courtesy of

1) Become a member of  with Google Friend Connect (*note: if you aren't a member of GFC follow me on Twitter & Bloglovin)
2) Like on Facebook
3) Tweet this: "Check out #giveaway you could win @ Flo Earrings" and then place it in your comment on this post. 

When you are all finished leave a comment here saying that you have completed the 3 steps. 


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