Monday, June 4, 2012

Fashion History Lesson: Crop Top

Crop TOpCrop Top: A woman's garment or undergarment for the upper body, cut so that it reveals the midriff.

Midriff baring tops also known as "Crop Tops" have made a comeback. These days crop tops are causing less of a controversy then they did in past years. Think of Madonna during her mid-1980's "Lucky Star" video. They took on even more popularity when the movie "Flashdance" came out. This time crop tops had been  in the form of self-cropped workout gear. Aerobic attire did not stay on the fashion scene for very long at all.

During  the 1990's Crop Tops evolved, taking on the form of a Bustier and then transforming again into a babydoll top. Since then we've seen cropped everything... such as a cute cropped blazer.

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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