Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Dress Code: Sales Associate

Are you curious about average dress standards for a sales associate, mostly in clothing retail? Check out these guidelines I've compiled if you care to learn or brush up. This is the second installation of the "Dress Code" series. Sales Associates get to play with their style a little more then the office folk.

- Dress shoes
- Tailored suit with a blouse
- Dress slacks with a blouse 
- Dress slacks with a top and jacket
- Dress slacks with sweater set
- Dress slacks top/blouse and a vest
Sales Associate Attire
Sales Associate Attire
Dress Code: Sales Associate

Note 1: When wearing a skirt you must always wear hosiery.
Note 2: Keep the accessories to a slight classy minimum, but don't be afraid to wear something fun.
Note 3: Wear a watch (just do not check it constantly)
Note 3: Looking to wear short sleeves? Wear a blazer. 

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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