Friday, April 20, 2012

Sweet Feature: Sophie-Mayanne

Photography Credits: Sophie-Mayanne
I'd like to introduce my readers to a fashion blogger and inspiring multi-talented artist Sophie-Mayanne. Her strong believe in the beauty and magic in the world inspire her to create master pieces in a variety of areas, but Sophie-Mayanne's passion for fashion as an art form runs deep. 

Talented photographers are hard to come by. With a camera phone, everyone is a "photographer" these days. Hello Instagram? Appreciate great talent and check out Sophie-Mayanne's inspiring photos before you start reading her actual blog. Readers, you will be drawn in for life. Then when all is said and done,  go check out the pictures of her really unique vintage style Jewellery / D.I.Y Shoe design! You thought embellished pumps were fun as of recently right? maybe? well, these wedged peep toe ankle boots give trendy embellishment a whole new form. I've fallen head over heels for them.

Sophie-Mayanne's Photography Page

and more creativity...
Sophie-Mayanne's Art Page

her actual blog link (also featuring her Personal Style photos)

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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