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Fashion History Lesson: Street Fashion

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My first induction into the world of personal style consciousness was back in grade school. Through online communities and an interest in Japanese culture, I discovered the aesthetic joy of street fashion. The first printed/virtual publication I've ever witnessed back then had been FRUiTs Mag produce by LENS Inc in Tokyo. How intoxicating it was to go through thousands of uniquely styled ensembles. All of the intricate colors, patterns, textures, and layers? breathing was nearly impossible.
The History of Street Fashion

Street Fashion came storming through Japan in the 21st century. The scene, including customized mixtures of current and traditional trends has impacted the fashion world in a explosive way. The ever  popular streets of Harajuku are decorated  with said uniqueness years after the idea started trending. 

In Japan, Street Fashion can be broken down into Subcultures although Street Fashion really is a subculture of style itself.  Here is a list (with photos of course) not created by me:
You may believe the clothes are a little outlandish and beauty is certainly in the eye of the beholder. Just remember that bold strides shape the world.  Bloggers such as The Sartorialist have taken the term street fashion to new heights. Shooting photos of the self styled all around the world. Websites, Such as Street Peeper continuously give us a global sense of community as it also shares photos of the self styled from selected spots internationally.

It's trial, error, evolving, and changing... ever changing but always giving attention to past trends and individuality.

a street fashion shopping adventure: AsiaJam

Call it Street Fashion or call it Street Style.... Feel free to call it anything you like.  Just call it something inspirational.

Love and Peace,
Amber Sweet

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