Friday, March 2, 2012

Color Trend Guide for Spring 2012

March 1st 2012, Oh what a rainy day it is over here in New York. Actually, just speaking about the rain alone is an understatement for the gross weather outside. This is a funny time of year because trends are almost at a limbo. Do you dress for Winter or Spring? I'm personally rocking Pajamas at the moment and might do so till the nice weather arrives! Do you think I'm funny? I don't make jokes. 
to get a little more "on topic", check out the  Spring 2012 Color Trend Guide that was created by yours truly. Irresistibly delish colors include: "Tangerine Tango", "Solar Power",  "Sadalite Blue", "Driftwood", "Cockatoo", "Margarita", "Cabaret", and "Sweet Lilac". 

Obviously nobody will force you to become an incredibly  fashionable conformist. 
Use is as a reference for those times in which,  you're feeling at a loss.

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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