Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Kazia J : Style Feature 2nd ed. (closing out February 2012 )

Goodness gracious, we've hit that four year mark and now it's leap day. This being February 29th means I had one extra day to post's end of the month style feature and guess what? Still almost "2 minutes too late". Anyway... let's do this  STYLE FEATURE the right way!

Her name? Kazia
Where can you find her? Check out her eclectic style
That's it? follow her personal style blog

Kazia incorporates interesting pieces into her wardrobe on a daily basis.She is a girl that can easily make hard pieces to wear look effortless. An example? A white blazer (by ) with a black collar... people try hard, but it's a miss 9 times out of 10. Time to check out how Kazia would wear it:

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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