Monday, February 27, 2012

Accessorizing Old Navy Women's Rope-Belted Racerback Maxi Dress (Budget? UNDER $50)

This Women's Rope-Belted Racer-back Maxi Dress from Old Navy tapped into my curiosity. Imperial Jade is a hard color to mix with many of the trends rolling in. Side note? as a "die hard" Old Navy fan (Jeans? oh never Dresses and Tops? forever), let me just say that their spring stuff does seem to fall short.

Accessorizing Old Navy Women's Rope Belted Racer Dress: For ANewMe201

Women's Rope-Belted Racer-back Maxi Dress
Budget? a budget of $100 dollars in total, excluding price of  Imperial Jade Racer-back Dress
Items Listed? All accessories paired with this dress are priced under $50.

Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet   

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