Sunday, January 22, 2012

Why not throw on a scarf? 2012 edition.

Well, it's Sunday and the weather outside is certainly frightful over on my end. It's the perfect day for a scarf, although there is a scarf for every season. 

Variety! As you're out and about take notice at how a simple scarf can turn a plain outfit into something photo-op ready. 
Photo:Kate Middleton wearing Panthera Animal Print scarf.
 $75 Temperly London

Admittedly, I am a major fan of mixing patterns that wouldn't normally fit together in every day life. Truth be told however, that kind of "fangirl" behavior has also led me into looking like I've come out of the rubble of a collapsed fashion show.  I'm find it more necessary as time goes on to keep it classy, and keep it clean when pairing up your scarf to the rest of your attire. 

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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