Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Fashion History Lesson: The Skort

Growing up a baby of the eighties & child of the 90's, I've had the pleasure of witnessing "The Skort" first hand. 

Definition of SKORT: a pair of shorts made to resemble a skirt (as with an overlapping front panel)

Origin of SKORTblend of 1skirt and shorts

First Known Use: 1951 , via
 History proves that a the skort was actually designed for lifestyle beyond sipping coctails with your girlfriends and reading the next InStyle. What self respecting girl would do yard work in a mini-skirt? Maybe those who do not have shame, but alas... a lot of girls do and for that reason we have the post-culotte-divided-skirt known as a Skort. Not to be confused with Gauchos, Palazzo Pants, or the more updated verson of a Cuolotte.  May or not be pleated, but that's all according to your personal taste. I'll tell you all that back in  my private school days, my classmates were always suckers for throwing gym shorts on under the required uniform (tan kick-pleat skirts). A skort could have changed our academic world.

Love and Peace, 
Amber Sweet

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