Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fashion History Lesson: Culottes

Often times, I'll catch  my friends watching a movie and they'll always wonder about the history of Culottes.

Definition of CULOTTE : a divided skirt; also : a garment having a divided skirt —often used in plural

Origin of CULOTTE French, breeches, from diminutive of cul backside

Louis XVI

 These pants first became a fashion must have in France . During the French Revolution, with a denial to wear aristocratic apparel... Revolutionaries under the working class were referred to as "Sans-Culottes". Sans means without if you haven't caught on yet. From that moment on Culottes have been incorporated into the world of uniform and fashion for years to follow (and counting). 

Did you know that Culottes are the PRE-SKORT? Yeah,  I said it! Culottes are in fact the grand (great-great-great?) parent of the Skort.  

Just wait! I have an entire essay devoted to The Skort
Until next time :) 


Peace and Love,
Amber Sweet

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