Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fashion Styling: Adventures in Color-blocking

Two things I love very much in this world are styling and color. Hopefully, this will be the end of my gushing over color-blocking, but perhaps not. Bold can be beautiful and there nothing that gets me going more then in your face simplicity. 

I took the liberty of dressing her fine self in:
Shirt - Anna Holtblat Turtleneck (in your face purple & soft to the touch), Pants- Zara (muted yellow), Shoulder Bag - Diesel (I'm actually not sure if it is distressed leather or not, but the detailing is gold!), Sandals - See by Chloé
This season is so exciting. Fight the winder blues and play with the colors of the rainbow. Plano out your outfits for spring, because as you know... MBFW is coming up and Fall 2012 will be just around the corner!

Love and Peace,
Amber Sweet
fashion and style , vintage clothing

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