Monday, October 18, 2010

Healthy hair products I LOVE

Eventually my aim is to blog (guess it would be vlog) on YouTube, but until I get my hands on a web cam I'll be typing away.  With that said? Hello thank you for keeping up with all of my updates (2 is so many I know!)

UntitledThis is the part where a video would come in handy, but let's give it a try shall we? Last year at this time last year this natural brunette dyed her hair back to the color she was born with. This was after YEARS of being bleach blonde. Wait? let me clarify... my hair was bright enough to stop traffic.  The terrible condition of my hair was only getting worse even after I went back to the world of brunette beauties. A serious change needed to be made so I took a pair of sheers and chopped off all of that dead (but what a beautiful length it was) nasty hair! Oh and I got bangs too, but that's besides the point. Now I've changed my hair routine and these are the products I live by at this moment. :

Top: Herbal Essences Long Term relationship 
shampoo, conditioner, leave-in treatment
(paid around $3.. SCORE!)

I love love love the leave-in treatment. I can't say much about the shampoo and conditioner except that it does work and everything smells like amazing. Think of a more muted rasberry scent then something totally in your face. What I normally do is pop out of the shower, towel dry my hair, put the leave-in conditioner in, and towel dry again. Style as usual when you are done or you could even put it in before bed and you will wake up with silky smooth hair. The only downfall people have with this product seems to be the fact that it weighs down your hair. Okay, who ever said that obviously can't read the instructions. Place a nickle (dime even) sized amount in your hand and rub them together. Rub most of the prodcuct throughout your ends and after that is done you should have very little excess left... rub that through the rest of your hair. 
It say's it's for long hair, but I have short so if you have a boy cut and are curious about the product I suggest GO FOR IT and even tell me what you think. 

Left: TRESemmé Freshstart Dry Shampoo
(paid $5 and probably worth the money idk)

Not one of my favorite products of all time, but it's all I have at the moment. I was actually using this dry shampoo called unite and haven't had the chance to pick up another can of that. A lot of people swear by dry shampoo in general, but I use a different system for my hair and generally prefer washing my hair when it gets too oily. When you are really pressed for time or end up staying out of your house unplanned this product can be a life saver (note:you need to pair it up with certain styles to avoid looking diirty trash). Basically you just Spray it on your head, but I'd do it about two inch away from my roots. If you have dark hair it will probably make your hair look white, but not as white as if you decided to use *gag* baby powder instead. Then you should let it dry for a few to soak up all of the oil from your greasy head and proceed to brush it out. It might make your hair a little grey-ish or have a funny texture. If that's the case you're probably doing it right so try your best to deal with it. 

Middle: Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Hairtherapy
(paid like $40 at a salon, but you could get it for so much less)

As far as shampoo goes this is may seem a bit expensive and unnecessary. I don't always shampoo my hair however so the bottle I currently have has lasted me almost over a year. This is great to use after you have dyed your hair as it is sulfate-free. Don't quote me on this, but from what I have witnessed it keeps color vibrant for a long time and depressing hair situations such as breakage will be come slightly less noticible.

Left: TRESemmé Heat Tamer Spray 
(paid like $4.50 at Target)

Awesome! I've never really used heat protectants, so this was a huge step for me. Honestly can't fathom why I've never thought of protecting my hair from split ends and the burning hot tools that cause them. Seriously like after I do my after shower routine I spray the heat protectant all over my hair and wait for it to dry. Then? blowdry or straighten... both if you choose because the world is your oyster. Your hair will come out frizz free and ready for action. I wouldn't use the Tamer all of the time because I would NEVER reccomend that someone use heat on their hair all of the time.  I only blowdry my hair about twice a week and straighten MAYBE once. Sometimes it's all even less than that. 

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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