Wednesday, October 20, 2010

4 Tips to keep your hair at it's best & TRESemmé Freshstart Review Update.

Hi everybody! Well, I'm going to post 4 Healthy hair tips which may be obvious, but some people just never seem to listen. Keep killing your hair guys... or just pay attention and take some advice. 

1) Stay away from heat styling (aka: straighteners, blow dryers, curling irons) as much as you possibly can. If you must hit it with a blow dryer (as I do for the sake of styling my bangs & adding volume)  then wait till your hair is just about 40-60% Dry.  Also, keep it on a cool setting and maybe blast it on the highest heat for just a few seconds. Keep in mind that when choosing to use heat styling tools a heat protect  (I reviewed Tresumme's in an earlier post) is your best friend. I love my hair straightener, but try to keep the usage down to maybe once every week or two MAX. 

2) I don't know how many of you have ever heard of this before, but I am a huge fan of cowashing. This may sound really gross, but I only use shampoo about once every week or week and a half. Co-washing stands for conditioner washing (aka: eliminating shampoo if you didn't get that). Basically you just hope in the shower and get your hair wet, apply conditioner, massage through scalp and hair and rinse. If you need to pay extra attention to your ends then do it all over again, but only apply the conditioner to the ends of your hair. This helps keep hair moisturized and clean without shampoo drying it out. Use a cheap drugstore conditioner such as Suave or VO5 because it runs out fast. To avoid product build-up you may need to use a clarifier of some sort, but it doesn't happen to everyone if you get a good regimen going. Conditioners are sulfate free and do in fact clean your hair. Shampoo is not always totally necessary and the part-time elimination isn't as scary as it sounds. 

3)Herbal Essences Long term Relationship Leave-in Conditioner Treatment : I reviewed it, love love love it, buy the product and & see for yourself. Just use a dime sized amount if not less or you will be sorry. As I've said in my review, READ THE DIRECTIONS and follow them. It's like one sentence long, so even if you have a short attention span you'll be OK!

4) Don't run a brush through wet hair as it will cause breakage and ever so treacherous split ends. Go for any wide tooth comb you might have and use that till your hair is basically dry. Then you could either hit it with the blow dryer and brush/ style as usual or you could just brush the tangles out while it finishes air drying naturally and style like that. 

ALSO on a side note:
Earlier I had noticed a TRESemmé Freshstart Dry Shampoo commercial for the first time ever. I reviewed the product and then I used it again either the same day or day after. The more I use it the more I just dislike it. I think it actually makes your hair look more dirty then if you chose to do nothing at all. GO figure! You know what it is good for? Although I do not recommend teasing hair this product would be amazing because it gives so much texture, but it again DOES make your hair feeling kind of yuck. I'm still on the fence about it, but don't purchase this project because it's totally not what you are hoping for in terms of having clean hair.

Peace and Love, 
Amber Sweet

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